Buy Smarter. Be Better.

Cruxx is a first-of-its-kind marketplace dedicated to the products, services, technologies, apps, tools and systems needed to create a smarter planet and accelerate sustainable global growth - a consumer marketplace, a business marketplace, and aninteractive collaborative community, across all industries and consumer categories. Amazon, Alibaba and Houzz in one - Cruxx will be THE destination for individuals, businesses, governments and all other players seeking smarter products, smarter solutions, smarter ways of doing business, smarter ways of living and smarter ways to build our cities and communities.

CTO / co-founder


Cruxx is currently looking for a CTO and co-founder - a super talented engineer/developer who could help me map out all systems on the back end and front end for the marketplace and community, identify the right hires for various aspects of development and design, and actually do much of the early coding him or herself.


We are open to discussing development frameworks and will work with the CTO very actively on ideation and technical planning – for how we ultimately want Cruxx to function, and the features that need to be added in each iteration from MVP onwards to accelerate traction. Qualifications in our ideal CTO would include some of the following languages, frameworks, technologies, services and skills (I don’t expect you to have all of this, but rather an eagerness to learn and the ability to assemble the right framework and the right technologies/team members for that structure):

  • Python, Ruby, PHP, Scala, Java, SQL, C/C++
  • Django, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Node.JS, Laravel
  • MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, Hadoop, PostgreSQL, Memcached, SQLite
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Backbone.js, React, Node.JS, Bootstrap, Angular.js, jQuery
  • Amazon Web Services, hosting and storage
  • API engineering and RESTful web services
  • Knowledge of Bootstrap framework
  • 3rd party big data tools, database tools, payment services, workflow managers, A/B testing analytics, search as a service and other utilities
  • Understanding of machine learning, AI, big data, predictive networks and advanced analytics
  • Experience using Agile development methodology
  • Ability to create executable development roadmaps
  • Ability to iterate quickly and rapidly push out code
  • Strong overall CS and engineering fundamentals
  • You would be extremely hard working, passionate about the idea, entrepreneurial, creative and proactive – this is about thinking outside the box.

A huge amount of work has been done already: market analysis; business plan; identifying target sellers, service providers, products, user base, experts and investors; mapping out the categories, search criteria/filters and ratings systems; marketing strategy and more. We have done wire-framing and front-end mock-ups and have a good idea of how we want the site to function on the back and front ends. With the correct infrastructure, we believe we could get an excellent MVP up quickly. We are wholeheartedly committed to launching Cruxx - but simply put, we need someone with the technical expertise and passion to actually build Cruxx and bring it to life. 

This could be a truly one-off opportunity to join an innovative startup from the ground up, and to launch a business with potentially enormous global and social impact. If you are interested and think you have the expertise I’m looking for and the appetite to truly drive the technical development, please send me a message along with your CV at or complete the form below. I will get back to you directly once I have reviewed your CV to discuss the vision for Cruxx in much greater detail, your role, development milestones and next steps in much greater detail.


Company Overview

Cruxx is a B2C and B2B marketplace dedicated to “smart and sustainable solutions” across all consumer and commercial categories. Amazon, Alibaba and Houzz in one, our motto could be summarized as “Be Better” and our marketplace will comprise the products, services, apps, tools, technologies, people and knowledge to enable:

  •  smarter, healthier and happier homes and families
  •  more ethical, sustainable and conscious living
  • smarter cities and communities
  • smarter, more efficient and more sustainable businesses and ways of doing business

We believe that “smarter” solutions (think everything from IoT, sensors and real time data utilization to new materials and production methods to efficient use of resources to on-demand and sharing services and apps) will transform every aspect of how we live and do business – and that intelligent solutions can also lead to a sustainable world environmentally, economically and socially.

We also believe that most of the solutions we want and need already exist, but are not gaining traction quickly or widely enough. Why? Because it’s confusing and because no dedicated marketplace exists for JUST these smart solutions:

  • One place where individuals can answer the questions of how do I achieve optimal, personalized health, fitness and nutrition levels, how do I give my kids the best possible foundation for life success, how do I create a smart and secure home, which are the best appliances and apps to connect to Alexa, how can I leverage smart cars to become more productive, which architect can help me build a sustainable and resource efficient home, how do I best monitor my family’s health, how do I find toxin free cleaning or beauty products, which furniture and clothing lines are manufacturing sustainably, which companies give back to their communities, which apps can help me manage my finances, what can help me reduce my resource footprint, what are the apps and activities that can help me expand my professional and personal horizons?
  • One place where businesses can find the solutions to make their supply chains more efficient, lower their environmental footprint, construct smarter cities, transportation systems and buildings, to advance farming and agricultural production, expand and utilize renewable energy systems, discover new materials and manufacturing processes for the next generation of smart and sustainable products, source sustainably, engage with their audiences and local communities, identify more innovative distribution channels, discover the best apps to optimize performance in their production lines and sales forces and enhance intra- and inter-company collaboration?

Cruxx is a game changer – it is Amazon or Alibaba for smart solutions and pressing global challenges. But it is also Houzz or AirBnB with a collaborative, interactive community: where users passionate and knowledgeable about a particular topic, product, or industry can help spread the best products and solutions from the leading 1% of “super consumers” or “super companies” to everyone else; where those same super consumers expert on one topic find themselves obsessing about the smartest solutions for all the other important parts of their lives and work; where best practices in the most innovative companies easily become ingrained elsewhere in the organization and in every other company.  Cruxx can not only create this marketplace and lead this market, it can also help dramatically expand it. The solutions exist and the time to bring this mainstream is now.