Buy Smarter. Be Better.

Cruxx is a first-of-its-kind marketplace dedicated to the products, services, technologies, apps, tools and systems needed to create a smarter planet and accelerate sustainable global growth - a consumer marketplace, a business marketplace, and aninteractive collaborative community, across all industries and consumer categories. Amazon, Alibaba and Houzz in one - Cruxx will be THE destination for individuals, businesses, governments and all other players seeking smarter products, smarter solutions, smarter ways of doing business, smarter ways of living and smarter ways to build our cities and communities.

A MARKETPLACE FOR THE PRODUCTS, SERVICES & TECHNOLOGIES ENABLING SMARTER homes & businesses, better lives & a sustainable planet.

Cruxx is the one-stop destination for all individuals and organizations seeking smarter, better products and smarter, better ways of doing things - smarter homes, smarter families, smarter businesses, smarter cities, better lives and a healthier sustainable world. Cruxx is a huge catalog of the best products, services, technologies, tools, apps and expertise - An Amazon-like consumer marketplace, an Alibaba-like business marketplace, and Houzz-like collaborative community across all industries and consumer categories - that will enable people and businesses to buy smarter and be better. Powered by embedded social tools and analytics, our passionate and knowledgeable community will help spread the best solutions from the leading 1% of "super consumers" or "super businesses" to everyone else.  Rather than a single vertical marketplace for home design or food or health, Cruxx is centered on an idea - that everyone wants to BE BETTER and that we should be able to find all those better solutions, no matter the domain, in just one place. 

  • It is one place where consumers can "be better" by finding products and services for personalized health monitoring and nutrition, for giving their kids the best possible life outcome, smarter electronics and appliances for a connected home, energy efficient transportation solutions, sustainably produced furniture and clothing, organic food, toxin free beauty and baby products, advanced home security systems, suppliers who give back to the community, or the apps and tools to expand their professional and personal horizons. 
  • It is one place where businesses can "be better" by  finding, procuring and producing solutions for better raw materials, better agricultural and industrial products, better designed buildings and cities, better designed energy, transportation, waste and water management systems that lower environmental footprints, better solutions for renewable energy,  or clever new technologies that leverage big data to optimize supply chain management, planning, production and distribution. It is a platform for advanced industry that enhances inter and intra-company collaboration and interaction directly with consumers in an effort to create a smarter and sustainable planet beneficial to all. 

At Cruxx, we believe two key trends will define our future:

  • Smarter solutions -  from options for better living, health, nutrition, work, play and learning to connected devices and machine learning to new materials and production methods to sharing economies - will transform every aspect of how we live and work.
  • The need to attain sustainable, efficient and cohesive growth.  

So many of the innovative new solutions needed to create smarter people and a smarter planet already exist. We all use apps and products that didn't exist five years ago. So why are the best solutions not being adopted more rapidly and systematically?  Because no platform exists to connect buyers and sellers, experts and information seekers, innovations and users in order to easily find and put the best solutions into practice. The best solutions are too widely spread out and often only discovered by those "at the top of the food chain" or in niche markets. We want to bring them to everyone and we believe we should be able to discover them, no matter the area, in one easy place.

Cruxx is a game changer.